Fundraisers / Supply Drives

You can donate proceeds from your fundraising events such as a crab-feeds, homeless sleep-outs, birthday dedications, concerts, a percentage of your business' daily sales or host a supply drive for our urgently needed supplies in "high traffic" locations, large group meetings or area events. To schedule a fundraiser, please e-mail us at

"Gifts-in-Kind" Giving Opportunities


Clothing, specifically coats and shoes, for men and women of all sizes are needed. Clothing should be gently used or new. To Donate, contact


Donated automobiles and trucks are often used to replace existing Rescue Mission vehicles when a donated vehicle is newer or in better condition than a existing vehicle.

Secondly, we can sell a donated vehicle and place the sales price in the general fund of Elohim Ministires to purchase goods or to provide services for clients. Please call (206) 619-1144 to donate


IRS Regulations allow the donor of any of the above items to receive a deduction from their taxable income in the amount of the value of the donations. However, certain regulations and restrictions apply. Consult your accountant or tax preparer for professional advice. Elohim Ministires will provide a suitable receipt at the time of the donation.